Ecological Assessments and Restoration

EnviGrow Environmental Services has experience in ecological assessments throughout New South Wales. A large portion of our work is currently based in the outer regions of Sydney. With an increase in property development, there has been an increase in large-scale and smaller private subdivisions.

At EnviGrow we have experience in many different areas of ecology. Please use the menu to your left to learn more about the ecological services we have on offer.

Our ecological service include:

  • Flora and fauna assessments
  • SEPP 44 – Koala Management Plans
  • Fauna capture and relocation: arboreal fauna during clearing or aquatic fauna during dam dewatering
  • Ecological monitoring
  • Ecological mapping
  • Wildlife Management Plans

This list in not exhaustive and is not a reflection of every ecological service we offer. If you are unsure whether we offer the service you are looking for, then please contact us and one us will promptly reply.