Fauna Capture and Recapture (Spotter Catcher)

Sometimes a consent authority (like the council) requires that you must relocate fauna (animals) on a site during or before land clearing. This is also true of water bodies that are destined for draining and infill processes. Some consent authorities may dictate within their consent conditions that an ecologist be present during this process to relocate any significant aquatic fauna present.

Some examples of when capturing and relocating should be used:

  • when you are removing trees and shrubs;
  • when there are animals in trees hollows or nests and the trees are about to be removed;
  • When you are emptying a dam that has turtles, eels, fish, etc.

Capturing requires a lot of experience and skill, otherwise animals may be harmed. The technique of relocating is an equally important step, because the right environment is needed in order to support the animal.

EnviGrow also offers field supervision letters as proof that an ecologist was present to capture and recapture.

If you are unsure whether you need this service, want to find out more about fauna capturing and relocating or have any questions whatsoever, contact our friendly staff today.